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  • Straight or curly?  Swipe -->
  • I can't remember why I was laughing
  • I think this might be the best present I've bought anyone... Happy birthday @liveotherwise
  • Yay or nay to the hat?
  • So, before you go @lewiscapaldi @plested
  • Sun was so bright I couldn't look at the camera... It rained about half an hour later...
  • Last Call (acoustic) 
Link in bio to listen to the full version!
  • Miss my hair like this
  • My debut single Last Call has been out for a week now and the response has been amazing! Link in bio to listen!
  • Had to stand under a tree before all the good colours are over
  • Thank you to everyone who streamed and shared my single today! If you've missed it then there is a link in my bio :)

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